let’s meet jess..

so, I am doing a fair bit of work on myself lately.. and am taking part in a little Landmark curriculum which is assisting with this. time to share my findings..

we are currently working on our ‘characters’ and with a little help, this is who I ‘play’ every day.. 

My virtues

  • optimistic with a genuine goodness
  • curious
  • hard working
  • amiable and kind hearted
  • youthful
  • vulnerable
  • empathetic and intuitive
  • generous


My limitations

  • rejects negativity and pain 
  • procrastination
  • judgemental
  • perfectionist
  • intellectually diffident

.. that will do for the moment. Identifying who I am being in life is a work in progress, but it really is quite fascinating to see myself how others see me.

If you have any suggestions for the ‘My limitations’ column, please comment or DM me as this is where I can really build from. 

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  1. livingisagift said: Landmark? Wow, I’ve heard great things about that training. Well, I have meant you once and you just came across as a terrific young lady. Good on you for doing this.
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